The Seven Money Making Apps of 2022


A money-making app is a piece of software that may be downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) or as a browser extension, and it offers users a variety of ways to make money. Some apps, for instance, may reward you with a few cents if you leave them open in the background, while others will give you a percentage of what you spend at specific businesses. You can get paid to do things like work out or fill out questionnaires for other people. 



Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, allows users to buy online and in stores using coupons, scan products to find the best price, and even get cash back on certain purchases from retailers like Macy’s, Marriott, and Sephora. The shopper can use either a mobile application or a browser extension to complete the purchase. 

To begin shopping, sign up for an account and download the app or extension. You can obtain a rebate from Rakuten after purchasing any more than 3,500 participating stores (i.e., a rebate). 


You can earn as much as 10% cash back on your purchases, but the average is between 1% and 2%. Applying for a Rakuten credit card may make you eligible for additional rebates. Spend at least $25 on qualified items within the first 90 days as a member, and you’ll get a $10 bonus. 

You will be paid out if you earn $5.01 or more in cash back within a three-month period. PayPal offers both paper checks and postal delivery of funds. 


If you like to buy both in stores and online, Shopkick can be a fun way to earn some additional cash. Similar to Rakuten’s rebate program. However, members earn points (called “kicks”) that may be redeemed for gift cards instead of receiving cash. 

To start using Shopkick, sign up for an account, get the app, and complete at least one of the needed actions. For example, you can earn points by entering a store, scanning the barcodes of eligible products (with or without making a purchase), purchasing eligible items with a credit card linked to your Shopkick account, and even watching movies within the app. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a Shopkick-enabled store near you, since the company has partnered with over 250,000 brick-and-mortar establishments (and over 80 online stores). You can accumulate points for gift cards to popular establishments like Starbucks, Amazon, and Target. 


You may use the Ibotta app to get money back on your purchases if you shop online or in-store. All you need to do to start making money with this service is sign up for a free account and use either the app or the browser extension. 

After that, you have three options for earning cash back on your ibotta purchases: uploading your receipt after making an eligible purchase, attaching your store loyalty card in advance to gain access to discounts, or shopping directly through the ibotta app or website. Customers can also increase their cash back by purchasing gift cards or recommending their friends to the program. 

One of the few negatives about the Ibotta app is that you must complete in-app tasks before using its money-saving capabilities. It doesn’t take up too much of your time, but it could be an issue if you don’t have much downtime. You’ll need to do it by hand, and only about 300 places are considered legitimate retailers. On the other side, you can avoid waiting for checks by having money deposited into your Ibotta account directly. 


Foap is a money-making app that makes it easy to sell your photos and videos from your iOS or Android mobile. Use this app if you’re a budding photographer or videographer looking to supplement your income. You can use it after downloading the corresponding smartphone app, creating an account, and uploading some of your own photos and videos to a digital portfolio. 

If an agency, brand, or another user on Foap purchases your work, you will be compensated for it. But know that the app will get half of the money made from your use of it. Your take-home pay will be $5 if Foap is successful in selling your photo for $10. A single photograph, however, can yield multiple sales, each of which could net a sizable sum. 

You can potentially earn more money by contributing photos and videos to projects (which Foap calls “Missions”) on the site. 


The Acorns app is a micro-investing tool that lets you put as little as a dollar into a variety of different exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which can help you build your investment portfolio, save for retirement, or even buy cryptocurrency. You can use Acorns to develop your retirement fund, diversify your portfolio, or even buy bitcoin by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

When you permit Acorns to round up your connected bank account purchases to the nearest dollar, the money will be deposited into your investment account. Your spare change will be placed in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with a diverse portfolio of over 7,000 stocks and bonds. You may sign up for automatic investing on Acorns, which means you can put away a little bit of money daily to build a substantial nest egg. 

You can invest a portion of your purchase with large businesses when you shop with them using the Acorns app, and these companies are all on Acorns’ list of Found Money partners. ESG stands for “environmental, sustainability, and governance” and refers to a certain type of mutual fund. It’s a good choice for investors who care more about protecting the planet. 

Acorns charge $3 monthly for an individual account and $5 monthly for a family account. You’ll need to register a joint family account to start saving for your kids’ future. Fees cover portfolio diversification, rebalancing on a regular basis, assistance with investments from the Acorns team, and mobile access to all accounts, but not the Acorns team itself. Acorns Spend is a checking account with a debit card, and Acorns Later is an individual retirement account, both of which are available for trial. 

Participation in the Google Opinion Rewards Program 

If you appreciate advising people and would like to be reimbursed for it, this app may be an excellent option for you. 

In order to make use of this function, you will need to download the survey app and take a few minutes out of your day to provide input on a wide range of topics, from hotels and TV shows to local businesses. It’s a great chance to earn extra cash while doing something you’d be doing anyway, like standing in line at the bank, on the train to work, or during lunch. 

You can earn Google Play gift cards or PayPal cash for completing surveys. IOS and Android users can participate in the surveys, which pay between $0.10 and $1 each. Credits may expire after a year and the app may record your activity without your knowledge or consent. 


Sweatcoin is a fitness tracking app that offers in-app cryptocurrency for users who meet their daily step goals and engage in regular physical activity. You’ll need to sign up for an account, download the Sweatcoin app, and have the program running in the background on your mobile device for it to be of any use. Proceed then. 

If you walk 10,000 steps in a day, you’ll earn one Sweatcoin. You can redeem your Sweatcoins for a wide range of perks like anti-gravity yoga classes, an Audible membership, and even vacations once you’ve accumulated enough. In addition to being able to redeem your Sweatcoins for products, you also have the option of converting them into cryptocurrency or contributing them to one of the app’s partner charities as part of weekly charitable initiatives. 

With the average price of a product being around 20,000 Sweatcoins, saving up enough steps to buy something could take a while if you just walk 10,000 steps every day. 

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