New fashion for home décor

The trends for furnishing the homes are being changed day by day. That’s why, once a month, we shall share our favorite home décor pieces with you, our readers, here on our website, in the hope that they could enjoy them as much as we do. Many people aspire for new designs to better their homes in the spring. Spring is the time to bring the outside in with greenery, have fun with home decor accents in various graphic designs and colors, and find easy ways to freshen up our daily routine.

Meanwhile, it is good news that you could do it, too, without breaking the bank. That’s why I’m sharing a few lifestyle designs to help you ring in the new year in style. We could décor our room in better ways from a strewn-together patterned pillow.


These days we are hoping and waiting for the new well-decorated designs. If you’ve been following along since we announced our relocation, you’ll know that we bought our first house this year and moved in at the end of January. In addition to decorating it, we had many chances to make (which we are still doing). As I described in my A Lo Abode mood board article, I wanted to approach this project differently. It only took me four months to decorate this small fourth bedroom that we use as my office, but I’m finally ready to show you around. I’ve included photos of each little detail and corner for you to see. I’ve also included a video tour at the bottom of this article. I’m the sort who can continually rearrange items, but for the time being, it feels finished.

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